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Grand Harbour Marina: Staff Spotlight - Jody Pullicino

The sustainability and success of any business is a direct result of the workforce behind the scenes which share the same vision and ethos the company portrays.

When one sees longevity from employees it shows signs of growth, progression, motivation and passion for learning. This brings us to this months Staff Spotlight at Grand Harbour Marina, the first of 2020, featuring our newly qualified accountant Jody Pullicino.

Jody’s story with Grand Harbour Marina began about 12 years ago when she was employed as a front office receptionist and kicked off her journey within the marina industry. Over time, her relationship towards the clients and staff grew as she not only excelled in her role but fully immersed herself in the maritime world.



Jody comments:

“I can still remember my first interview at Grand Harbour Marina back in 2009, I was so nervous as was still very young and excited to start working with such a fantastic marina. I grew to love this industry so much as it gives me the opportunity to interact with Captains & Crew from all over the world giving me a wider perspective of different cultures.”


Jody continues:

“Apart from learning the ‘Marina Industry’ through experiences and the daily duties, I also did the ‘General Purpose Handling’, ‘First Aid’, ‘Fire Fighting’ courses and more, which gave me better knowledge on how to handle certain matters. In September 2014 I was also given the opportunity to attend the Monaco Boat Show with the Sales and Marketing Manager, this was my first ever boat show I attended. I can say that this was a lively experience helping me get a wider understanding of the ‘Yachting Industry’.”


It was around 4 years ago when Jody was given the opportunity to progress in her skills and embark on a journey towards becoming a qualified accountant within the company. This was not an easy task, and showed great drive and determination, qualities which Grand Harbour Marina value above all else.

Jody comments:

“Grand Harbour Marina is like family to me, and they have been nothing but supportive throughout this entire experience, I am blessed to be apart of such a great working environment.”


Grand Harbour Marina also offers opportunities to all staff, irrespective of department to further their skills and knowledge within the maritime industry itself, allowing them to have a greater appreciation of the yachting industry as a whole. This aids in understanding and relating better to our clientele offering better services catered to such a niche market.

Jean Paul Saliba, CFO at Grand Harbour Marina comments,

“I have known Jody since November 2013, the month I moved from KPMG to Grand Harbour Marina plc. Back then, I was employed as an accountant, and Jody held a position within the front office department. Thanks to such daily correspondence, I had come across Jody as an intelligent person, who takes work very seriously, and always going the extra mile in performing her duties.”


Jean Paul Saliba was promoted to CFO in July 2015, and had to choose an accountant who would assist in performing the financing duties of a listed company.


Jean Paul Saliba continues:

“My first thought went to Jody. Notwithstanding the fact that she had no accountancy qualifications, I did know she had the necessary skills to climb the business ladder and get promoted to accountant. I did see in her a team player, and a huge drive to learn new skills. Clearly, it was a challenge, as she needed to be taught the accountancy basics from scratch, but I knew this would eventually pay back. And Jody did pay me and the company back, as apart from delivering a sterling job in her daily accountancy duties, she managed to achieve full qualifications from the ACCA within only 4 years, while working on a full-time basis.”

Jean Paul Saliba finishes:

“We believe Jody’s story should be an inspiration to many.”


On behalf of Camper & Nicholsons Grand Harbour Marina we wish to thank Jody for the faith you had within the company to be by your side throughout this experience and for your constant daily hard work and dedication in everything you do, we are very proud! Congratulations Jody!

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